Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So I am a total DWEB! I didn't realize until recently that we hadn't been getting out electric bills, I mean I pay so many other bills through out the month that I don't pay to close attention to them ( they are all on payment plans you know:)) Anywho, I realized this afternoon that I kind of like my electricity! I had come home from running errands and found that the apartment was muggy and gross, only to discover that Robert had noticed the power had gone out at 11a.m. and it was now 1 p.m. so he wasn't sure what was going on. So I called Gexa, trying to find out what happened to our bills, but they wouldn't tell me anything my name is not on the account, so I asked how I was supposed to take care of my baby without electricity. They said to have my husband call back, frustrating yes, infuriating is when they told me I was no longer a Gexa customer! WHAT!??!? I had it all set up, I have confirmation I got the first bill to this apartment, as I was complaining to Robert about it I noticed, that instead of transferring our account, they gave a new account number, I decided to call back, and decided I may just say I was Brian... I didn't but I did ask to speak to a manager which she protested about until I told her I had nothing bad to say about her, however if she kept trying to deter me I would have plenty to say, she quickly transfer ed me. He was MUCH more helpful, although he did tell me I would have to wait until tomorrow to get it turned back on. Disappointed but glad to have it somewhat figured out, I relaxed, made plans to stay at the Hamilton's and left for my date with my hubby, which Robert accompanied us on, I felt guilty leaving him at home with no electricity. However what it really comes down to is that someone had changed our provider without us knowing. They say it happens all the time, someone quotes the wrong address and then they don't pay for that address so it gets turned off. Apparently they are not required to tell you that your electricity was switched.... HUMMM... Now I know, if I don't get my bills to call right away! LAME me! Oh well

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Lindsey said...

That sucks friend. I love electricity. I would be sad without it. (All the more reason I was born in this time and not in the 1800's!)