Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Trunk or Treat Carrollton 2nd Ward

I label it this way because I am going with Amy to hers next week:) Anywho we had a good time, and I was proud of myself for going. I have alienated myself, I think from the ward because I thought we would be moving, but it is looking more and more like we are going to stay around here, so I am making the effort to make some friends and try to fit in. I have for the most part not fit in well, and I think that has to do with my nature, i just don't feel like I am on the same level as most of the women in my ward(not saying I am better than them, merely saying I feel lacking in most aspects). But enough of that... we are talking Halloween!

Leland LOVES Amy! She got him ready for me (as mentioned in an earlier blog I am a horrible house keeper so ignore the mess)

Amy and the boys

Me and the boys

Our cute TIRED Frog

Our Adorable Doggie (its even cuter when he says it!)

I hope the boys had a blast, I love that they came with me, it made it easier to go. Thanks Amy!
Leland had just about had it so I thought I could do a pixie stick to keep him calm while we waited for the kids to go home, so that we could back out.... He loved it

except when I took it away.....


Erin Lafleur said...

Sooo cute. Glad to see you all enjoyed the trunk or treat.

Jules said...

Ours is tonight and I'm in charge of a booth. grrr. :) The kids are so excited though.

The kids look adorable in their costumes! Boy that is a lot of boys! :)

Jen said...

LOL! He's so cute and I LOVE all the costumes! Absolutely adorable!!

Mike'n'Amy said...

That last one is the best frog picture. Ever.

Adam and Ann Watkins said...