Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY

Okay well really we are just switching phone networks and I thought I would inform everyone that we are going to try and keep the same numbers:) but that we are going to At&T or cingular, whatever its called now! I know this mostly effects Em since I always call her cell phone since I know she has verizon, but yeah, just wanted ya to know I get a new phone! YAY!


Jules said...

Don't you just love getting new phones? I beg for one for birthdays or anniversaries. Yes that's lame-o and my wish has only been granted once. But yay for that once. Plus, I can't switch carrier out of respect for Gary & Jen. :)

So yes it looks like your short post warranted a novel of a comment from me. No word on if you avoided the pukes.. I'm assuming you did.. lol

Lindsey said...

No more verizon?!?! How come?

Allie said...

1st and formost my parents and sister Amy who I am constantly on the phone with are on At&T and secondly Verizon was stupid and told us (while I was having post partum and our phone bills were like 3-400 dollars,) that we would have to sign up for a new two year agreement by uppin our minutes