Sunday, October 5, 2008


My little one is starting to make sense out of his little world, its fun to watch as he grows visibly excited whenever we pull up to Amy's ... especially because he usually gets beat up, but I think he loves being in the bustle, and he especially LOVES his Amy, because she adores him so much! He also recognizes the Tylenol bottle now to most of you this would make you nervous, but he has been sick and that is what we use to keep the fever down, or when he is particularly grumpy from teething this helps him enjoy his day more. So the other morning I was laying on the couch (it had been a rough night) and he found the Tylenol bottle and brought it to me, I was half asleep when I felt him press it into my hand... so I either have a budding drug addict or he was in need of some relief, i am going to go with the last option, because breaking molars is HARD work! Now put that on top of not feeling good and life is good with a little Tylenol! He also recognizes Mimi and Poppy's house, we went there for dinner tonight and to hang out and watch the game, and when we pulled into their circle drive his little legs started kicking and he was ready to go, smile and all. Mimi and Poppy watch him so I can go to work once a week and it is wonderful to know he is in good hands! Anywho he is growing up and its fun to watch him... and sad at the same time:)

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