Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What kids ponder

I was taking Amy's 3 oldest to martial arts... she had just had her car detailed so I offered the ride, knowing it was still wet, and knowing that this little fact (getting the car detailed) had indeed made her giddy.) but as we were driving home Noah piped up from the back seat and said "Hey Allie... I know why they call fall fall" I said "oh yeah why?" Noah continues "well because all the leaves are falling off" He is a cute kid to say the least! This is the same kid who when he dropped a roll a few years ago while we were out to eat declared "I know why they are called rolls! Because they roll!" so cute! Anywho Michael who is testing for a black belt in December has taken to heart what I told him the other day, I am not sure what we were talking about but I told him he was one of my kids.. he looked at me puzzeled and I explained well thats how I love ya, like one of my own.. To that he responed thats why you yell at us so much... I think he confused me trying to hide my laugh with me being mad and he said oh and you help us too:) But he wants to get me a black belt key chain so I can remember my black belt kid. He is sweet! I sure love those kiddos!

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