Sunday, October 5, 2008

To my Zekie!

I will always teach you new things:) Chicky Monkey! even if I am not invited! I watched Amy's kids Friday night so her and Mike could go out... and really more because she had taken Leland twice for me so I could help out at Moon's after a big shipment of books (she is fantastic) anyway as I was talking with Zeke he was telling me about my plans to come up Saturday and I told him I had other things to do, so I didn't think I would make it (It was Mom Greens birthday... Happy Birthday, so i went to Anna for most of the day) well he said that was fine because I "wasn't invited anyway" :P he makes me laugh!


Mike'n'Amy said...

Combine that with "Regratulations! See you Wednesday!" and you know he adores you.

Jen said...

Because you don't have enough to do already (LOL), I tagged you on my blog :)