Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Love Hate

Leland has a love hate relationship with shoes, he brings them to me I put them on (I know this is what he wants because he hands them to me and offers me his foot, and gets irritated if I take too long) and once they are on, he turns around and crawls like mad, trying to get them off, and then he comes back to me for help if he doesn't succeed in getting them off. And I take them off, and we start over, he laughs and hands them to me, and off he goes again. It is quite amusing to watch, maybe I will get a video of it. For those of you wondering what kind of shoes he wears since he isn't really walking, we have some crocs that Mom Hamilton purchased for him, as well as some of the leather bottom ones, although he doesn't play with those as much. Anyway, he is standing on his own, a little wobbly but its getting there, so soon he should be on the go:)


Jules said...

Awww! Thst is sooo cute! Grab a video of it before you forget. These moments are gone way too soon!

Alison said...

Uh-oh! Soon to be mobile munchkin. Look out!

the cattons said...

Hi...It's me. Remember we met in the fourth grade?
let's be blog friends........Please? Your baby is just too cute for words. words.

Love ya and miss ya...I'm adding you to my blog!

This is Stacey bytheway...I'm pretty sure you figured that out!

Adam and Ann Watkins said...

=) Love that little guy! He sure knows what he wants and I love it!