Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Me workout???

not only did I start yesterday but I am pretty sure if anyone ever watches me do it they will explode in laughter! My good friend Lindsey from college and I used to work out together, mainly because us chubby chicks have to stick together and we understood when the other one had to stop for lack of breath:) But seriously this Hip Hop Abs she sent me (its a program and they have a calendar we are following it has like 6 work outs in all) is fun yes it is fun, but I have to admit I kept looking back at Brian who was dutifully trying to busy himself at the computer as he had been threatened with loss of life if he watched, or so much as giggled a little... I DO NOT move like the people on the video! Granted the girls are all a little uhmmm how do was say it nicely.. well they are club goers.. but it is fun and it made 30 minutes feel like 20 and I sweat like crazy, so this may just work:) and knowing that I have Lindsey waiting for my daily update on how I am feeling and how it went may just be all the motivation I need, be it from Idaho but it is still motivation.. or it could be Oregon... she is moving I think.. Anywho thanks Lindsey for asking me to do this with you I hope I can stick to it! It would be great to even just be a size 16 again! Loves

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Lindsey said...

I am eternally thankful for you and for you being my exercise buddy. Thanks a bunch! I did it today (DAY 2)! Woa there big fella. How did you do?